Welcome back…

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

We have been so busy over the past three weeks. We are moving onto our final topic in Year 4/5 looking at the Ancient Egyptians. We are all very excited learning all about the history and geography surrounding this topic area.

So far we have looked at the location of Egypt, the imporatance of the Nile and the ways in which people lived during this time period.

We have lots of exciting learning taking place this term. For more information please follow the curriculum links on the Year 4/5 page on the website.

Fantastic Fraction Fun!

Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at fractions in Numeracy. We looked at equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and then we applied all this knowledge to a range of Mastery word problems. We have become quite the fractions experts!

Division dilemmas

Today in Numeracy we have been consolidating division with a range of word problems. We worked independently to solve and explain the puzzles.

Some of the word problems and calculations were very difficult and kept Miss Gill and Mrs Maddock on their toes…

Go Noodle….

Throughout Spring Term we have been using ‘Go Noodle’ for our active dance sessions. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this technique and we have helped choreographed lots of new routines and performances.

This has been a fabulous resource and many of the children have taken their learning out of the classroom back home and downloaded the app.

Today we have been dabbing, twisting, shaking and much more…

Please feel free to send images of dance routines at home into school to share on the class blog page.

Sounds all around us…

In Science this week we looked at sounds and how they are formed. We started to think about solids, liquids and gases and how the vibrations travel through them to allow us to hear the sounds.

We had great fun in the practical experiments which demonstrated this.


Currently in Numeracy we are looking at dividing. We have been using the formal written method to solve questions and move onto word problems. We have been thinking about Bus Stops in order to help us. We thought about how many people would be under the bus stop when it rained to help us lay the calculations out.

We are finding this a fun and challenging unit. We are working so hard to understand and master this strategy.

Gorilla-Anthony Browne

In Literacy we have been looking at Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We have started by exploring the relationship between Hannah and her father. We used the illustrations to discuss and begin to understand their relationship.

Miss Gill

In year 4/5 we are thrilled to welcome Miss Gill. She is a second year teacher training student.
She will be teaching lessons in class alongside Mrs Maddock.
We are very excited about all the exciting and interesting lessons planned.

Welcome back -Spring Term 2

Welcome back. We hope you are all refreshed after the week holiday.
This half term we are going to be very busy planning lots of exciting lessons and investigations.

We are looking at new texts in Literacy starting with Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We are really enjoying learning about different authors and were very pleased to find out he was born and bred in Yorkshire. Gorilla is a fabulous book with wonderful illustrations and we are looking forward to producing lots of wonderful written pieces.

In Numeracy we are starting with division units. We are learning to use the formal division method and exploring answering real-life questions.

In science we are moving onto a new topic looking at sound. We are researching vibrations and the effects of sounds on our hearing and other senses.

Further details of topics and units covered this half term can be found on the class page on the school website.

Road safety.

The Road Safety team came to school today to help us keep safe when crossing the road. The children took part in different activities and all the children were awarded a certificate for completing the training. The road safety team worked with children in years 1, 2 and 4.

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