Welcome back -Spring Term 2

Welcome back. We hope you are all refreshed after the week holiday.
This half term we are going to be very busy planning lots of exciting lessons and investigations.

We are looking at new texts in Literacy starting with Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We are really enjoying learning about different authors and were very pleased to find out he was born and bred in Yorkshire. Gorilla is a fabulous book with wonderful illustrations and we are looking forward to producing lots of wonderful written pieces.

In Numeracy we are starting with division units. We are learning to use the formal division method and exploring answering real-life questions.

In science we are moving onto a new topic looking at sound. We are researching vibrations and the effects of sounds on our hearing and other senses.

Further details of topics and units covered this half term can be found on the class page on the school website.

Road safety.

The Road Safety team came to school today to help us keep safe when crossing the road. The children took part in different activities and all the children were awarded a certificate for completing the training. The road safety team worked with children in years 1, 2 and 4.

IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1110 IMG_1112


Yorkshire-Family Trees

Our Yorkshire topic is continuing and the children are learning so much about our great county.

This week we are looking at children’s family trees and adding family members. We are then going to map where family members were born and where they are living now to understand about movement and families being spread all over the country and the world.

The children are all really interested in the topic and looking forward to hearing about all the destinations where people have moved to. We already have a great range; from Bermuda to New York and Australia to South Africa.


The Iron Man


In our Literacy lesson this half term we are studying the Iron Man, a book by Ted Hughes. We have looked at the first two chapters and discussed the changing emotions of the two main characters; Hogarth and the Iron Man. We have written fabulous descriptive pieces and shared ideas about what is going to happen next in the text. We have been using similes and metaphors to add drama and imagery.


Last week we focused mainly on the events in chapter two and then wrote contrasting viewpoints from Hogarth and the Iron Man. The children worked so brilliantly to add references and extracts from the chapter.

Today we completed a conscious alley activity; whereby we looked at how the two characters felt and hot seated their opinions and feelings. It was something we all really enjoyed.


This half term we are learning all about Electricity. We started the topic with an interactive lesson discovering all about the workings of a plug, the components of an electrical circuit and remote controlled cars. We definitely enjoyed using Mrs Maddock’s remote controlled car in the lesson.

We used a wonderful website highlighting all the dangers with electricity around the home and creating posters to inform the dangers. We are going to display these around school to warn others. Look out around school for our work!

http://www.switchedonkids.org.uk/electrical-safety-in-your-home – Interactive game identifying electrical safety issues

We will be looking at building lots of different circuits over this half term and using buzzers, switches and bulbs.

Welcome Back!

A very warm welcome back. We hope you have all had a wonderful festive holiday and are all excited for the Spring Term.

We have sent out an overview of this half term along with homework expectations and routines in a letter last week. Please read this letter and if you have any questions do not hesitate to come and discuss further.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful half term:)

Making it rain inside…

How do you make it rain inside?

This question was asked to the year four children during a science lesson this week. We have covered evaporation and condensation and used the water cycle to apply to a real life context.

We had a very exciting time waiting for the rain drops to start…

We have included the instructions if you would like to try at home. Be careful; you will need an adult to help with the boiling water…enjoy:)






Coloured Ice cubes

As our journey into solids, liquids and gases continued we then started to look at the effects of melting and temperature changes.
We set up an investigation looking at using coloured ice cubes and what would happen as they were left in a classroom for a period of time.
We had a great time observing changes.



Solid, liquid or gas?

Throughout Science this half term, we have been looking at solids, liquids and gases. We started our investigative journey looking at what solids, liquids and gases are and how they present.
We used a range of materials and tests to investigate.
We even looked shaving foam to identify whether it was a solid or a liquid.




Numbers, numbers, numbers…

In Numeracy we have been so busy over this term. We have laid solid foundations using numbers to build our understanding. We have looked at developing times table knowledge and being able to build greater fluency.

The children really enjoy using Rock Stars to practice and consolidate times and tables and at the same time are developing the range of music they listen too 🙂

More recently we have looked at both mental and written methods of addition and subtraction. We have ensured clear and well presented strategies and used word problems and mastery questions to apply and consolidate our growing knowledge.

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