Bradford Industrial Museum

Year 6 had a fantastic day at Bradford Industrial Museum. We spent the morning as Victorian students in the Moorside Board School and in the afternoon, we explored the mills to see what working life would have been like.






Homemade sherbet!

Our first science experiment was to make some homemade sherbet!

Mrs Webb did not give us any instructions.  Instead we had to work carefully adding a small amount each time until we were happy with what we had produced.

We were given:

  • Soft icing sugar
  • Citric acid for baking
  • Baking powder
  • Jelly crystals (optional)

This recipe couldn’t be easier for children make.  We found out that the best recipe involved the following method:

Add 3 teaspoons of soft icing sugar to a medium sized bowl. Next add 1 teaspoon of citric acid and 1 teaspoon of baking powder. If you wish for your sherbet to be flavoured you might choose to add 2 teaspoons of raw jelly crystals. Another fun addition might be to include some popping candy or 100s & 1000s.  We also enjoyed dipping our lollies into the sherbet.

Some of us found the sherbet far too sour!

Whereas some of us made it perfectly!

Mount Cook


Accompanied by Mrs Webb, Mrs Paynter and Mr Dunkley, the year five children spent 3 days at Mount Cook in Matlock, Derbyshire.  Here are a selection of photos showing you some of the activities which we took part in.
















Design and Technology-Planets

This week we started our design and technology project on creating planets. We used our prior research to inform our designs and created a plan for the project.
After deciding what we needed for the project we started.
Blowing up balloons was a tricky business…however we got there in the end!
We then started with ensuring we measured the balloons to an accurate size.
We can’t wait for the painting stage where we will add rings and moons.

Space…the final frontier…

This term we have started our topic learning all about Earth and Space. We started with making some amazing fact files all about the planets.
As part of our design and technology lessons we have started to plan our 3D models. We learned about scaling, however if we scaled the planets correctly Pluto’s diameter would have been 2.3mm! That was far too small! We also learned how to calculate the diameter and then had lots of fun drawing the planets using a compass.
We learned a trick to help us remember the names of the planets in order:

We have been reading a humorous book called ‘Cosmic’, where Liam the key character likes to keep phones on hold for hours and runs up his parents phone bills! He also gets mistaken for an adult with his facial hair! As part of Literacy and we will be writing a narrative throughout the half term.

Tree planting March 2018

Today we volunteered for others. Members of a charity came into school and spoke to us about caring for the environment and how to protect it. It was a great speech and we all really enjoyed listening.

We then walked to the venue. We made sure we were all warm and well wrapped up. We arrived at the farm house and began our challenge. We were shown how to plant the trees successfully and ensure they grew well.

We had a fabulously muddy morning. A great job well done for Luddendenfoot Academy!

World Book Day 2018

Today we all celebrated World Book Day. We shared and discussed favourite books and persuaded others to try them. We all brought in a great range of books; from David Williams novels to favourite comics and magazines. The children all expressed how they felt about reading and lots of children said they felt it improved their writing and understanding of new books:)
We took part in a quiz at the end of the day and were all challenged by the interactive and engaging questions.

Time for the big debate…who was to blame for the disaster?

This afternoon we started a debate; with a simple question: who was to blame for the Titanic sinking?
The children were given a range of people and situations that could have been factors during the sinking. The children got into teams and debated their decisions.
They were absolutely fantastic and all got into the facts and the effects of the decisions.
The majority of the class agreed that Bruce Ismay was to blame for the disaster.

Time to reveal the secrets…

For the past couple of weeks we have all been learning about the historic story of the Titanic. The children have gained so much and have been able to not only confidently recall all the events but begin to analyse and question decisions about the sinking.
Today we watched a channel 4 documentary. The documentary revealed that there was a coal shortage before the Titanic set sail and a fire started as the journey began. The children were shocked, but they were all able to discuss and question the new evidence and use it to piece together the facts.
A great lesson with the children becoming more analytical and independent in their understanding.

Science and Music-Session 2

Today we enjoyed the second session of Science and Music. We were all thoroughly engaged and were ready to start learning! This session we used graphite pencils to create music. We coloured in musical notes and then linked these with a computer programme to play aloud.

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