Animation masters in progress

As part of our creative curriculum, this term we have explored using ICT in lots of different ways. We read chapter nine of Harry Potter and the Philspher’s Stone-the midnight duel. We then created a storyboard of a part of the chapter that we wanted to create models for

We then used foil to create the characters and objects that we wanted to include in the storyboard. This was very tricky and needed us be persistent-just like the professional animators.

The next stage will be filming…keep a look out for this later in the term


During this week the children have been looking at subtraction calculations using the column method for formal layout.

The children worked so hard in being able to lay out correctly in the columns and then discuss the calculations to solve them. They were able to collaboratively learn and support each other during the process. They have definitely mastered it.

Magic all around

Last week we had an absoulety wonderful topic lesson. As part of our Magic and Mystery topic we have been researching and learning all about magic, magicians and a range of tricks.

We watched a range of magicians and had so much fun learning the secrets and then performing them to our friends.
Even Mrs Denham came down to the classroom and we had her fooled.

Watch out for more tricks at home!

Fantastical sweets-Harry Potter

As part of our Literacy unit this term we have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. During chapter 6 the key characters; Harry, Ron and Hermione meet for the first time on the train to Hogwarts.

The boys enjoy lots of delicious treats on the train, including chocolate frogs and Every-flavour beans.
In Literacy lessons we read the chapter and then created our own Harry Potter inspired treats: Golden Snitches, Marshmallow Delights and iced biscuits. We then wrote sets of instructions for the treats. We had a very yummy morning.

Cross Country October 2017

On a very wet Friday 13th October we took the KS2 Cross Country team to a competition at RVHS. The weather wasn’t great, however the children were all absolutely fabulous and we were all very proud of them for their efforts.
The children ran some great races with two Year 6 children; Imgogen Noot-Williams and Ted Battye placing 3rd and 5th respectively. These two children will now proceed to the Calderdale Finals in a couple of months.
Huge congratulations to all the children who took part.

Alnwick Castle and Gardens October 2017

During October we went on a fantastic residential to Alnwick Castle.
After a long journey; full and tired we eventually arrived at Alnwick. We walked round to the Castle grounds and had lunch.


After a lunch with a perfect view we listened to our guide share all about Medieval Medicine and the role that the apothecary had.

It was so interesting and the children asked plenty of well-thought out questions.
Then it was time for our Harry Potter Tour. We listened attentively to the guide share all the film locations for the movie and asked lots of movie questions. Then one of the best bits; the Harry Potter Broomstick training. We flew all around the Castle grounds and throughly enjoyed the experience. Lots of photos were taken!

We stayed over at Alnwick Youth Hostel and had a delicious tea. We then settled down for the night before an ‘early’ night.

The next day we rose early to wonder round to Alnwick Gardens. The weather was absolutely perfect and the cascading fountains were a sight not to be missed.

We listened to a guide tell us all about the poison garden and explain things that we should definitely not put near our mouths! We learned so much. We danced in and out of the fountains and got lost in the maze.
After a wonderful two days we headed home for an early night and lots of amazing memories.

Science-Filtration, sieving and separation…

As part of our Science topic we have been learning all about methods involved with separating materials. We had a range of materials and discussed the best ways to separate them. We loved experimenting and then proving whether our predictions were correct. We discovered a lot about the most appropriate methods and were able to share reasoning.

Welcome back

Hello, and welcome back.
We have been so busy these past 4 weeks. Our topic this term is Harry Potter: Magic and Mystery and we are well under way producing lots of amazing work.
In Literacy we have written accounts of animals in the zoo, described the cupboard under the stairs, labelled and used references from the text to describe Hagrid and much much more.
As part of our topic lessons we have learned about the history of alchemy and magic and researched famous magicians.
Look out for lots more fantastic work and photos to follow.

Small Schools Swimming Gala

On Friday children in KS2 participated in the small schools swimming gala. All the children were fantastic and some children won medal for their races.

Well done to

Lucy  who came 1st in the front crawl

Imogen  2nd in the backstroke

Millie, Asha and Erica who came 3rd in the girls relay

Alice who came third in the backstroke

and Brooke who came 3rd in the backstroke.

This is the first time that we have come back from the swimming gala with medals.

Marvellous Maths

Throughout the Summer Term we are going to be very busy looking at the measurement and statistic strands of the Year 4/5 curriculum. As part of this topic we have spent the past week looking at telling the time.

We have been able to read analogue and digital clocks and transfer and convert between the two. So far we have found this straightforward and so we are looking forward to the next challenge. We are going to move onto reading 12 and 24 hour clocks.

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